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Kate Lester

Diamond Logistics

Winner of the 2015 Real Women in Business Awards for Entrepreneurship and recipient of the Ruban d’Honneur for Entrepreneurship at the 2016 European Business Awards Kate is a multi-award winning entrepreneur at the helm of the UK’s fastest growing courier company Diamond Logistics.

Championing SME’s, Kate started her own business aged just 20 and is fascinated and passionate about the power of self-employment and its ability to propel people in to the stratosphere regardless of background or education.  Her determination to share her expertise with her fellow entrepreneurs and to those wanting to encourage entrepreneurialism in their organisations is borne from her desire for people to learn faster and enjoy the journey.

With experience in trouble shooting, turnaround, accelerated growth or start-ups of small to medium size enterprises, Kates worked in many sectors of the transport and logistics industry, from a Surrey-based 24-hour haulage operation, through to same day courier, internet fulfilment and logistical software provision. Her own company, Diamond Logistics, provides full logistics management from same day to overnight, international and storage and fulfillment. She’s also worked in industries as far ranging as event management to property developing and mentors start ups in the City at Bathtub2Boardroom so has a wide range of business experience.

She’s blunt, funny, and direct, making her audiences laugh whilst delivering experience that will literally save people years in their entrepreneurial journey or facilitate fast change in performance or delivery of targets.  It’s a fast paced energetic delivery of business stories and lessons all aimed at motivation and inspiration, with a healthy dose of pragmatism too.

She is the mother of two great kids, Chloe and Oscar, who have shared her entrepreneurial journey from day one. She loves nothing better than cooking for friends from her seafront home in Brighton.  She doesn’t like traffic wardens or mobile phones in restaurants!

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